Another Ace Race milestone crushed: the new single event attendance record is 360 players!

Congrats to TD Mark Bailey and the Taylor Park Disc Golf Club of Largo, Florida! The massive gathering was held September 20th and hosted the largest local event in Ace Race’s 12 year history.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Nuke distance driver
stability (plastic): 1.6 (Ti, ESP, FLX, Z, Big Z, Z Glo, X, Pro D)
best for: personal distance records

If you don’t own a Nuke, your drives are probably shorter than they could be. Created to be controllable for a most players, Nuke’s wide rim and aerodynamic engineering deliver unparalleled velocity without having to blow out your shoulder. Fast. Far. Accurate. Grab a Nuke and seize the power.


Anonymous asked:

What's up with FLX? Is it being phased out or what? I know there have not been any new releases in a few years.

Not at all, in fact: keep your eyes open for an announcement on this very topic… !