SPOTLIGHT ON: Soft Banger GT putter
stability (plastic): 1.0 (X)
best for: improved putting grip, drives

Banger is a little weird and a lot of putter.  GT stands for Groove Top, and has proven itself to be a player favorite on a couple of different levels.  Many love it for the added confidence the groove offers for gripping and releasing, and any added confidence is a good thing when it comes to putting.  Then there are players who carry Banger for drives up to 300 feet; the 1.0 stability helps to keep Banger nice and straight on hard rips without threat of turning over. Choose the soft X version over the hard D version if you prefer the grip and give of a soft putter.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Hornet midrange
stability (plastic): 2.0 (Z)
best for: moderate winds and hyzer approaches

It’s important to have a range of stability in your bag, and keeping a hive full of killer bees is an easy way to accomplish that goal with your mids. The Hornet is perfect to reach for when you’re faced with moderate winds, need a predictable hyzer finish or you’re looking for a smart skip on the landing. Rip it hard and it won’t get flippy, so throw your Hornet with confidence.