SPOTLIGHT ON: Hornet midrange
stability (plastic): 2.0 (Z)
best for: moderate winds and hyzer approaches

It’s important to have a range of stability in your bag, and keeping a hive full of killer bees is an easy way to accomplish that goal with your mids. The Hornet is perfect to reach for when you’re faced with moderate winds, need a predictable hyzer finish or you’re looking for a smart skip on the landing. Rip it hard and it won’t get flippy, so throw your Hornet with confidence.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Tracker fairway driver
stability (plastic): 1.8 (Z)
best for: when control is as important as distance

When you are a Tracker fan, you’re like Goldilocks with the perfect bowl of porridge. Tracker is in the middle of everything: not meant for newbies, not meant for big arms.

Think of Tracker as a Buzzz-like driver for experienced players: if you have the form and skill to get a little power behind it, you can make Tracker consistently land wherever you want it. It won’t be too overstable or get flippy. It’s juuuuust right. Give one a rip.