SPOTLIGHT ON: Nuke distance driver
stability (plastic): 1.6 (Ti, ESP, FLX, Z, Big Z, Z Glo, X, Pro D)
best for: personal distance records

If you don’t own a Nuke, your drives are probably shorter than they could be. Created to be controllable for a most players, Nuke’s wide rim and aerodynamic engineering deliver unparalleled velocity without having to blow out your shoulder. Fast. Far. Accurate. Grab a Nuke and seize the power.


Anonymous asked:

What's up with FLX? Is it being phased out or what? I know there have not been any new releases in a few years.

Not at all, in fact: keep your eyes open for an announcement on this very topic… !

Buzzz OS release update:

THANK YOU for your amazing response to Buzzz OS! The good news is players are loving it! The bad news is that initial demand has exceeded supply. Please be patient with your retailer as we get them copies as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience, and may your Buzzz OS serve you well and consistently!